mooosh’s PUNKSNOTDEAD is an ode to style, a nightmare neon pink vision of violence that makes Hotline MIami look cumbersome and baroque. Get out of the car. Run at punks. Fucking punch punks in the head. Don’t get shot. “FUCK” Repeat. “FUCK” Repeat. “FUCK”

PUNKSNOTHEAD is brutally hard and very small, lasting only the length of the song that plays and four stages of cars exploding, lamp posts toppling, and an endless bevy of punks getting pummeled. It’s rough, ridiculous, and full of the kind of high energy attitude that earns the label of ‘punk.’ It’s just on all the time, even as it dissolves in a bright neon glow and the game collapses just as the song you are playing does, signaling the end. It’s an inverse Dyad, abandoning order for chaos and darkness and pink just as Dyad ascended past order to a place of elegance and whiteness and blue. 

They are disparate games to put together in the same classification, but on some level both exist at the edge of thought, the space where you just have to feel it to play it, where every second can be the last and victory is both seconds and miles away.

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