Hey, I made a game!

Hi everyone, Matt here. I wanted to take a break from my seemingly daily pieces on the weird small (and not so small or weird) games I’ve been playing to say that I made a video game myself, and you can play it right now! 

Last week Merritt Kopas announced the Naked Twine jam, a game jam that was meant to use only the basic Twine program without modification or special coding to construct a game. Deciding that it was as good a time as any to do a real thing instead of just thinking about it, I jumped in and started working on a Twine game. Several days and many tired nights later, I have a game!

Love • Worthy (episode 1)

Big thanks to Merritt for putting on the jam. You can find a full list of games and a write up of her motivations for doing it (including a quote from yours truly) right HERE. I know that I’ll be messing around with Twine more in the future. The first game is the hardest, right? So hopefully there’ll be many more weird things I make showing up on this blog in time.

Okay, back to your regularly schedule video games talk.

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