Ultra Business Tycoon III

This isn’t the first game I’ve talked about on this blog from Porpentine, and it certainly won’t be the last. Ultra Business Tycoon III is a twine game masquerading as a business sim/tycoon game, where you’re tasked with building yourself a net worth of one million dollars so you can get into capitalism heaven or something. The game itself is actually pretty tongue in cheek, a mishmash of ideas from 90s PC games all thrown together in a bizarre wasteland of strange interactions and even weirder collisions of concepts, from shareware gates to AIs to trash monsters. 

That game itself would be worth your time for the simple sake of its inherent weirdness and complexity, but on top of that is layered a whole other meta-narrative of the player who is playing UBT3, an unnamed person who is revisiting a beloved game from her childhood and reminiscing about all the memories that are tied to her experiences in this world and her life at the time. 

It’s a poignant reminder that the media we consume are the signposts of our life as much as the things that happen to us, and that a song we hear or a game we play are as much of who we are as the people around us and the things that befall us. It’s nostalgic in some of the most small, poignant ways, and to give them away would be criminal. Go. Play. Thank me in the morning.

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