Abnormal Mapping 5: Dwayne Johnson’s Wig

Hello and welcome to the first Abnormal Mapping episode from our new wordpress blog! This is (for now) going to be the home of Abnormal Mapping, but it’s still barely up and running. So please follow the blog, and share this episode if you like it! It’ll help a lot to getting the word out about what we’re doing with Abnormal Mapping!

Episode 5: Dwayne Johnson’s Wig

The mappers find themselves in a glitch world, where the insomnia madness encroaches and the very internet begins to disintegrate. Our intrepid heroes carry on, reversing the course of last month’s progress to embrace the numbers and meters of ye olden games, and ride this regression wave directly into the past to confront the satanic baby of Johns Carmack and Romero within its pixelated heavy metal womb. Will a carton of juice and a shotgun be enough to survive this trek?

If you don’t want to use the player, download the episode directly from HERE.

Games Discussed: Bravely Default, Doom

Game Club Game in March: Crash Bandicoot

Relevant Links
Matt’s entire playthrough of Doom
Masters of Doom, the book that inspired this podcast
the history of Crash Bandicoot’s development

Music in this Episode
Blown Away by Kevin McLeod
Tiz’ Battle Theme (live ver.) by Revo
E1M1 Music by Robert Prince
Feena by Yuzo Koshiro
Anna by Jonathan Eng

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