Abnormal Mapping 6: Peripheral Cyclops

The Mappers dig into the ancient jungle tombs filled with the un-biodegradable legacy of dozens of one-off novelty music games and the shells of grimy controllers—trying to wrap their heads around wrapping their hands around these relics of a bygone era. Emerging from the tombs, they find a box-busting Bandicoot before them, challenging them to one final task in this three month sojourn through some of the most significant games of the 90s. What ever happened to the Bandicoot of tomorrow? All this and more is revealed within.

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Topics Discussed: video game controllers and controls, Crash Bandicoot

Next Month’s Game: the collected works of Christine Love!
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Relevant Links
a history of Crash Bandicoot’s development
the full Read for Speed experience in one handy youtube playlist

Music in this Episode
Blown Away by Kevin McLeod
Joystick by Dazz Band
Crash Twinsanity Main Theme by Spiralmouth
End of the Century by No. 9
Main Theme (Marvel Ultimate Alliance) by Trevor Morris

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