Abnormal Mapping 7: Christine Love Gameography

Hey everyone, welcome to our first very special episode, of a hopefully long-running series called Gameography! If you need to know what Gameography is, take a look at this prior post explaining it. If you insist on the tl;dr version, we picked a game maker we really liked and played through her entire history of games and talked about them as a whole body of work. In this case, our first subject was one of our favorites, Christine Love!

I have to admit, we were very nervous going into this episode, trying to do something a little different than usual. As such, we would love any sort of feedback about our process, and anything we might do better next time a gameography episode happens. As always, you can bother us on twitter, or email us at abnormalmappingpodcast  @ gmail.com.

You can find the episode above, obviously, or you can download it directly HERE. iTunes links and the usual are along the side, and what follows is the full game list, plus what we’re playing next month and the usual list of music used in the episode. Please enjoy!

Gameography: Christine Love

Next Month’s Game:

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

Music This Episode

Blown Away by Kevin McLeod
The Stars Come Out by Brother Android
It’s Not Ero by Isaac Schankler (feat. Senah Kim)

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