Month: June 2014

Abnormal Mapping 10: CSI: Citadel Security Investigation

The mappers take a journey to a world where anthropomorphic animals live alongside humans and a journey begins to acquire a number of magical orbs. No, it’s not Dragon Ball, it’s Beyond Good & Evil! In between all the stealth and shutterbugging, Matt decides to take a single joke as far beyond its breaking point as he can, while Jackson tries his best to detangle the good and evil of game beginnings and how they relate to the games as a whole. Deep down, they mostly just look towards the future, and reflect on past mistakes. It’s a learning opportunity for us all in this very special* episode.

*episode not that special, really

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Games and Topics This Month

Beyond Good & Evil
Video game openings both good and evil
ZZT by Anna Anthropy, which is great but not really good or … you get the point.\
Plz Diversify Your Panel Note from Matt: at the time of recording this was a very newly minted idea, and many of the things we discussed have since been addressed directly by the people running the site. It’s even more endorsable than it was, and definitely worth your eyeballs on it.

Next Month’s Game Club Games

Heavy Rain
Beyond: Two Souls

Music in this Episode

Blown Away by Kevin McLeod
Propaganda by Christophe Héral
Mass Effect Main Theme by Jack Wall
Shine by Magnus Birgersson
Nuclear by Mike Oldfield

The Familiar Case Of Nathan Drake


Here’s how I think it went down.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Nate joked he was “addicted to danger,” in reference to this time, trying the extra hot sauce at Chili’s. He cocked his head and laughed a little as he said it, seeking approval from the other party that his wisecrack was successful. None came.

Elena’s mind was still at work. Her EP had called her into that office that was just a little too clean, and oh so politely told her she was this close to getting fired if her segments didn’t start testing better. The guys in the newsroom had never accepted her as their own, they looked at her with disdain hidden behind a more acceptable form of disdain, bitter that she’d navigated her way into their carefully protected den. She had to go to work every day knowing that her bosses and her colleagues were looking for a way to discredit that little girl from that little show, unable to fathom the possibility that she may just be extremely good at her job.

But no, Nate was clearly the one addicted to danger. The man who was willing to throw himself off a cliff every day if it meant he didn’t have to grow up, and most days, actually did.


Abnormal Mapping 9: Donkey Kong is Not An Idiot

What was supposed to be a simple ‘let’s get our plans for the month nailed down’ chat between Matt and Jackson turned out to be nothing but lies and deceit as Jackson fired up the recorders and started what would become the first Coolsoge Cast! Instead of the meticulous planning and structure of real Abnormal Mapping podcast, what you’ll instead get here is some free flowing talk about whatever we’ve been playing when we aren’t playing game club games. This is an every-once-in-a-while cast, but you’ll get such magical tangents as the lineage of the Kong clan and the mysterious secrets of Dark Eco, along with some real talk about Transistor’s many faults. We go all over! You might say this one is … off the map.

You can find the Coolsoge Cast in our usual iTunes feed or click HERE to get to the file directly.

Games Covered (with spoilers, fair warning!)

Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D
Mario Kart 8
Wolfenstein (2009)
Jak 1, 2, AND 3
Ratchet & Clank
F1 2013

Music Used

Show Your Moves by Kevin MacLeod
DK Rap by Grant Kirkhope

Farewell, Animal Crossing, Again: Ruminations on the Third Year of Bell Hustlin’

I’ve spent three years of my life in Animal Crossing’s strange alternate sleepy world, across three games (the Gamecube release, Wild World for DS, and now New Leaf for 3DS) and over a decade of my life. Those three years I would go and I would do all of the Animal Crossing things, watching as the seasons and animal friends came and went. I wasn’t tireless about playing every day, but I played most days. The first time I played the original Animal Crossing I was convinced that I had found a game that I could play forever. I still think that I probably could, but I won’t. My third year is up, and I’m packing up and getting the hell out of town.

This is Homura. She's known as the Shovel Mayor, because she is rarely seen without it.

This is Homura. She’s known as the Shovel Mayor, because she is rarely seen without it.

Animal Crossing is unique in that it is an endless game that rarely actually has concrete goals to help drive the need to play more and more. I paid off my house months ago, the game’s only obvious numerical goal. I’ve had Perfect Town since last fall. I’ve had all the bugs and fish since February. The addition of Mayoral decree has made it so I never have weeds and the flowers get watered by my horticulturally minded citizens. Outside of the general flow of people in and out of town, I’ve achieved perfect homeostasis. If I leave, the town will continue. If I stay, I can only mess things up. It is a small, perfect box. It would be a little creepy to consider if it wasn’t so endlessly charming and genuinely peaceful.


A Few Words On Remember Me

This post contains spoilers for Remember Me.

Fuck videogames, right?

It’s a Thursday afternoon. It’s hot outside, you’ve had an awful day, you want to go home and play something, take your mind off all the crap going on for a couple hours. In fact, you want to treat yourself. It really has been an awful day. So you make a beeline for your nearest game store, ready to experience the best that games have to offer. No expense shall be spared. You heard about this game a while back, it’s got some Phillip K. Dick style premise, and is all about the relationship between our identities, our behaviour and our memories. It’s safe to say, you are hype. You walk into the store, you scan the shelves, you pick out the box. The cover is a young, conventionally attractive woman, posed and framed in such a way that the focal point of the picture, right next to the title itself, is her ass.

You sigh. Fuck videogames.



Let’s Play: Blackwell Convergence

Welcome to my let’s play of The Blackwell Convergence! Months after Rosa discovered her ability to usher spirits into the great unknown and her burden of the family ghost Joey, Rosa’s stepped into the well worn shoes of Blackwell paranormal investigator. But ghost hunting takes its toll, even in these quiet, human adventures.

The Blackwell Convergence is an adventure game by Dave Gilbert and the third in the Blackwell series of games. You can find it on Steam or at Dave’s website