Visiting Jackson’s Homeland

I don’t travel. Partially that’s me being a stubborn, introverted butt, but partially it’s just a function of being poor and working on too many things all the time. One of the things I’ve always liked about video games is their possibility to take us to places we wouldn’t otherwise see, and allow us to explore spaces that we either can’t afford to go to or that simply don’t exist at all. Blame a childhood with CD-ROM Encyclopedia’s with Myst-like slideshows of famous locations. Blame the interactive Star Trek: TNG encyclopedia, which allowed you to slooooowly see every floor even if they only had four set photos of corridors to show.

It’s why I like ‘walking simulators’—not because I’m especially into them as a subversion of games, but because I think walking around a space is one of the coolest things games can do.

So when Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture came out, I relished its spaces. I don’t want to talk about what those spaces meant, but I did appreciate the six hours I spent crawling through them, happily stopping to watch smoke rise from an ashtray or rain pool on pavement. It’s a great game, even before you get to the story it’s telling. And I got to take a bunch of pictures! Jackson did this too, but I followed in his footsteps in order to explore a land he claims is pretty accurate to Real Life Britain, which is supposedly a place you can visit? It sounds like magic.

I guess there are spoilers here, if you count locations as spoilers? Nothing narratively is given away, though. Just how pretty houses and plants and lighting can be. So please enjoy.

Rapture 17 Rapture 15 Rapture 13 Rapture 12 Rapture 9 Rapture 7 Rapture 5 Rapture 4 Rapture 3 Rapture 2

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