Month: February 2016

Abnormal Mapping 43: To Know A Clown

NGP Cover 1500

do you know the nunchuck man
the nunchuck man, the nunchuck man
do you know the nunchuck man
who lives on ninja lane

Atop a transmission tower, a lone ninja stands and surveys his land. Once, he was a brutal man, a member of the Dragon Lineage who to whom death was second nature and who felt incomplete without a sword clasped in his hand. But with age, the man sought destruction no more, and looked to the future to build. One night, he met Isabelle, who gave him new purpose and – at last – a twinge of hope. For many long years he served as mayor of a beautiful town, and was wanting for nothing more and nothing left. Now, the town is in flames, and Isabelle in ashes. He feels the heat below boil his blood within, and clasps his sword for the last time. Once thought long dead, now vengeful blood runs through the veins of Young Ninja, Ryu Hayabusa…

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Earlier this week, Jackson wrote an article for ZAM on Autism and The Witness! Check it out here.

Things Discussed: Animals Crossing, M’s farewell to their Animal Crossing: New Leaf town, what we wanted to be when we grew up, Ninja Gaiden Black, Buying Mature Games as Children, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Link to the Past, Buying an Xbox, Tony Hawk, Bayonetta, Ninja Gaiden II, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Bloodborne, Destiny, Dead or Alive The Movie, Screened, Beyond the Black Rainbow: The Metal Gear Solid V of Movies, Maybe?

This Month’s Game Club: Ninja Gaiden Black

Next Month’s Game Club: Final Fantasy IV

Music This Episode
Blown Away by Kevin McLeod
Kapp’n’s Song by Shohei Tsuchiya
Airship by Ryo Koike, Wakana Hara
Moat of Zarkhan by Ryo Koike, Wakana Hara
Busy Earnin’ by Jungle

VaniaMania: Super CastleVania IV

VaniaMania, the sister series of Morning Mario, sees M trying to tackle the earliest games in one of their favorite series one continue at a time. How can you stop Dracula when you’re only limited to three lives a day?!

Super Castlevania IV is a Konami game from 1991, for the Super Nintendo. A remake of the original game, Simon Belmont once again suits up for the first time to tackle the forces of darkness and Dracula himself. Now with graphical flourishes and 8-way whipping!

M Plays Freedom Planet

On a planet of fractuous furry factions, a cold war is made red hot as an alien faction descends to find a source of unimaginable power. Only the good intentions and fast feet of the dragon Lilac and her friends can save the day in Freedom Planet!

Freedom Planet is a 2D platform game by GalaxyTrail, released in 2014 and available on Steam and Wii U. It’s very good and you can find out more at

Abnormal Mapping 42: Mapping’s Memetic Legacy


After conquering the base of Shadow Moses, Jackson continued on to Big Shell, accompanied this time by none other than the fantastic Heather Alexandra! This episode is an in-depth critical discussion on Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, where we talk about (among other things) the game’s commentary on player and player character agency, the societal implications of The Patriots, and the varying quality of the members of that poor Emmerich Family.

I’m incredibly proud of this discussion, so if you’re at all interested in critical discussions on Metal Gear then you should definitely have a listen, I think it’s an intresting conversation about a really dense game. This episode couldn’t have been made without special guest Heather Alexandra, whose writing can be found on her website and you should also follow her on twitter!

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Things discussed: Metals Gear 1-5, Driving Off The Map, Metal Gear Rising

Music This Episode
Metal Gear Solid Main Theme by TAPPY & Harry Gregson-Williams
Fortune by Norihiko Hibino
Can’t Say Goodbye To Yesterday by Rika Muranaka, Carla White

Minimap: The Witness


In what will hopefully become a semi-regular fixture of short, impomptu podcasts, M and Jackson sit down to have a chat about The Witness. There aren’t any spoilers for solutions here, and instead we get into our feelings on the cultural context of the game and its creator. Let us know if you enjoy the episode, and we’ll bring you some more when circumstances align!

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Games Discussed
Braid, Not Myst, The Witness

Music Used
Blown Away by Kevin McLeod