Abnormal Mapping 43: To Know A Clown

NGP Cover 1500

do you know the nunchuck man
the nunchuck man, the nunchuck man
do you know the nunchuck man
who lives on ninja lane

Atop a transmission tower, a lone ninja stands and surveys his land. Once, he was a brutal man, a member of the Dragon Lineage who to whom death was second nature and who felt incomplete without a sword clasped in his hand. But with age, the man sought destruction no more, and looked to the future to build. One night, he met Isabelle, who gave him new purpose and – at last – a twinge of hope. For many long years he served as mayor of a beautiful town, and was wanting for nothing more and nothing left. Now, the town is in flames, and Isabelle in ashes. He feels the heat below boil his blood within, and clasps his sword for the last time. Once thought long dead, now vengeful blood runs through the veins of Young Ninja, Ryu Hayabusa…

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Earlier this week, Jackson wrote an article for ZAM on Autism and The Witness! Check it out here.

Things Discussed: Animals Crossing, M’s farewell to their Animal Crossing: New Leaf town, what we wanted to be when we grew up, Ninja Gaiden Black, Buying Mature Games as Children, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Link to the Past, Buying an Xbox, Tony Hawk, Bayonetta, Ninja Gaiden II, Devil May Cry, Resident Evil, Bloodborne, Destiny, Dead or Alive The Movie, Screened, Beyond the Black Rainbow: The Metal Gear Solid V of Movies, Maybe?

This Month’s Game Club: Ninja Gaiden Black

Next Month’s Game Club: Final Fantasy IV

Music This Episode
Blown Away by Kevin McLeod
Kapp’n’s Song by Shohei Tsuchiya
Airship by Ryo Koike, Wakana Hara
Moat of Zarkhan by Ryo Koike, Wakana Hara
Busy Earnin’ by Jungle

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