Morning Mega Man: Mega Man 2

Mega Man defeated Dr. Wily’s Robot Masters once, but somehow this didn’t actually change anything, so he’s called into action once more. Will he defeat 8 more? Will this cycle ever end? Will he ever look cooler than he does in the title screen?

Jackson returns with Morning Series, and this time he’s tackling the beloved Mega Man 2. He’s very excited to play and you should be very excited to watch. Let’s go!

Let’s Play DOOM

When DOOM (2016) was released, I was sitting in my room all disappointed that I couldn’t afford it and what a shame that was because boy did I have a hankerin’ for some DOOM.

Then I stood up and realized that I could totally play DOOM and all I needed was a soundcard and 28MB of disk space. Thus began a new impromptu Let’s Play…

Morning Mega Man: Mega Man 1

A plumber retires to his brotherly abode and the sun sets on the land. All is well, all is at peace. Until…

A boy of blue, a man of rock, emerges into a wasteland. It is years later, this boy knows not of the plumber and his deeds, buried as is his kingdom under Wily’s metal and machines. And so, he will fight, each and every morning, until the land is free once more.

Welcome back, everybody, to Morning Mega Man!

Let’s Play Fable

Jackson is here with one more Let’s Play before transitioning to video essays, a trip through the now Late Lionhead’s original Xbox game, Fable. Or, at least it would be, if the version they were playing wasn’t one of the most awful remasters the world has ever seen. Can the game’s charm still come through?

Yeah. Kinda.

What I’m saying is: it’s a cool Let’s Play! Enjoy!

VaniaMania: Super CastleVania IV

VaniaMania, the sister series of Morning Mario, sees M trying to tackle the earliest games in one of their favorite series one continue at a time. How can you stop Dracula when you’re only limited to three lives a day?!

Super Castlevania IV is a Konami game from 1991, for the Super Nintendo. A remake of the original game, Simon Belmont once again suits up for the first time to tackle the forces of darkness and Dracula himself. Now with graphical flourishes and 8-way whipping!

M Plays Freedom Planet

On a planet of fractuous furry factions, a cold war is made red hot as an alien faction descends to find a source of unimaginable power. Only the good intentions and fast feet of the dragon Lilac and her friends can save the day in Freedom Planet!

Freedom Planet is a 2D platform game by GalaxyTrail, released in 2014 and available on Steam and Wii U. It’s very good and you can find out more at

Let’s Play Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

This is an old Let’s Play from back when I was recording the Lego Star Wars videos, kept in the vault because it’s mostly just me having my mind destroyed by a bad Star Wars game.

But I wanted to get it up here at the transition from one year to another, as we make a new start here on Abnormal Mapping! Also, Star Wars is in the air, so why not enjoy some newly non canon bullshit, starring Jimmy Smits?