Let’s Play

Let’s Play DOOM

When DOOM (2016) was released, I was sitting in my room all disappointed that I couldn’t afford it and what a shame that was because boy did I have a hankerin’ for some DOOM.

Then I stood up and realized that I could totally play DOOM and all I needed was a soundcard and 28MB of disk space. Thus began a new impromptu Let’s Play…

Let’s Play Fable

Jackson is here with one more Let’s Play before transitioning to video essays, a trip through the now Late Lionhead’s original Xbox game, Fable. Or, at least it would be, if the version they were playing wasn’t one of the most awful remasters the world has ever seen. Can the game’s charm still come through?

Yeah. Kinda.

What I’m saying is: it’s a cool Let’s Play! Enjoy!

M Plays Freedom Planet

On a planet of fractuous furry factions, a cold war is made red hot as an alien faction descends to find a source of unimaginable power. Only the good intentions and fast feet of the dragon Lilac and her friends can save the day in Freedom Planet!

Freedom Planet is a 2D platform game by GalaxyTrail, released in 2014 and available on Steam and Wii U. It’s very good and you can find out more at http://galaxytrail.com/freedomplanetsite/

Let’s Play Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

This is an old Let’s Play from back when I was recording the Lego Star Wars videos, kept in the vault because it’s mostly just me having my mind destroyed by a bad Star Wars game.

But I wanted to get it up here at the transition from one year to another, as we make a new start here on Abnormal Mapping! Also, Star Wars is in the air, so why not enjoy some newly non canon bullshit, starring Jimmy Smits?

Let’s Play: Mirror’s Edge

In the city, where something is good and something is evil, and vague terrible attempts and social allusion are going on in the background, Jackson is here to do one thing: run. He will run on rooftops, he will run on floors, he will run through windows and he will run through doors. He will run through hallways, and he will run on cranes, and he will run and run and beat the game.

That’s right, it’s a Let’s Play of Mirror’s Edge. Bring it on.

Cities Skylines: The Many Lives Of Luton Town

Jackson loves the idea of City Building games, but often finds them overwhelming in practice. He one day wants to build a great metropolis, beautiful and sprawling, but knows there will be but many failed attempts along the road to greatness. So please sit down, stay a while, as we witness… The Many Lives Of Luton Town.

This is a series which will run intermittently, I’m going to revisit it between other Let’s Plays, and have a bunch of fun playing Cities Skylines! I hope you all enjoy.

Let’s Play: Resident Evil HD

Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Video Game? Well, Jackson is, that’s for damn sure. But you can join him! He’s not played a horror game before, and he’s jumping in with the remake of Resident Evil, which has freaked him out so much that he doesn’t know why he’s writing so insistently in third person.

Please, enjoy this Let’s Play, I’m definitely suffering to make it, but I hope my suffering brings some pleasure on your behalf. I am a big baby, just waiting for a dog to jump out of a wall.

Let’s Play Fallout: New Vegas

A woman is left for dead in the desert, with only a dim memory and a thirst for knowledge. What happens when she braves the wastes of a post-nuclear American southwest in search of the truth and of adventure? Athena is going to find out, one bullet at a time!

Fallout: New Vegas is a sequel to Fallout 3 made by Obsidian Entertainment and released in 2010. We’re playing the Ultimate Edition on PC, which you can buy pretty much anywhere fine video games are sold.

Let’s Play Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga

A Long Time Ago, On A Computer Far Far Away…


There were stars, and amongst them wars were fought. These wars came to be known eons later are STAR WARS, and their fictional recreations were important cultural icons in the late 20th century.

Like many popular works of entertainment, they were adapted into various VIDEO GAMES. One such re-told the re-telling in the form of LEGO, purchasable building blocks from the country of Denmark.

In the year 2015, young apprentice Jackson Tyler set out to watch these movies of cultural import, and discuss them whilst moving through the Lego inspired pantomime. Jackson raises his controller and sits in his chair, determined to find out whether even the younglings survive…

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