Great Games

Welcome to Abnormal Mapping’s Great Games list, inspired by Roger Ebert’s famous list of Great Movies, in which we’re aiming to highlight a range of games we consider interesting, important or worthy of consideration. If you’re new to the site, or even just new to games, this is a great starting point to find some games and become familiar with what we’re all about.

For each entry, we’ve got a short article in which we get into our relationship with the game and what we consider valuable about it. They’re cool little articles which serve as both an introduction to and a reading of each game, and this series is only going to go from strength to strength as more and more entries are added in.

81ux19hIa5L._SL1500_Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl

developer: Atlus
platform: Nintendo 3DS
year of release: 2013
author: Matthew Marko

player2Player 2

developer: Lydia Neon
platform: browser
year of release: 2013
author: Jackson Tyler

Tbinding of isaac rebirthhe Binding of Isaac: Rebirth

developer: Edmund McMillan, Nicalis
platform: PC, PSN, XBL, 3DS
year of release: 2014
author: Destiny Sturdivant

TWD gameThe Walking Dead

developer: Edmund McMillan, Nicalis
platform: PC, iOS, Consoles
year of release: 2012
author: Jackson Tyler

928900Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
platform: PlayStation, Xbox 360
year of release: 1997
author: Matthew Marko