Metal Gear Solid

Abnormal Mapping 48: Trauma Babies


Just another day in a podcast without end…

At last, the time has come. Just under a year ago, I started playing the Metal Gear games, and now, 42 articles and 5 podcasts later, the journey is complete. I hope you have enjoyed the ride, and if you’re new, then feel free to come along on this quest anytime. For this final episode, we’re discussing Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, the honest-swear-to-god-for-real final game in the Metal Gear Solid Trilogy. Come on in for a chat on trauma and colonialism, exploitation and capitalism, and most importatly, The Life and Times of Punished “Venom” Snake.

I am joined in this final episode by @woundww, a friend and writer for the Arcade Review – currently on Kickstarter! – many thanks to them for smart insights throughout.

Fair Warning: There are a couple audio issues in the podcast! Nothing too bad; a little echo, some birds in the background, but I thought I’d give a heads up nonetheless! Enjoy!

Things Discussed

Metals Gear 1 – V

Music This Episode
Heres To You by Joan Baez
Quiet’s Theme by Akihiro Honda, Ludvig Forrsell, and Stefanie Joosten
Nuclear by Mike Oldfield

Abnormal Mapping 42: Mapping’s Memetic Legacy


After conquering the base of Shadow Moses, Jackson continued on to Big Shell, accompanied this time by none other than the fantastic Heather Alexandra! This episode is an in-depth critical discussion on Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, where we talk about (among other things) the game’s commentary on player and player character agency, the societal implications of The Patriots, and the varying quality of the members of that poor Emmerich Family.

I’m incredibly proud of this discussion, so if you’re at all interested in critical discussions on Metal Gear then you should definitely have a listen, I think it’s an intresting conversation about a really dense game. This episode couldn’t have been made without special guest Heather Alexandra, whose writing can be found on her website and you should also follow her on twitter!

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Things discussed: Metals Gear 1-5, Driving Off The Map, Metal Gear Rising

Music This Episode
Metal Gear Solid Main Theme by TAPPY & Harry Gregson-Williams
Fortune by Norihiko Hibino
Can’t Say Goodbye To Yesterday by Rika Muranaka, Carla White

Abnormal Mapping 32: Ellone in the Dark

squall laguna

whenever we cast our pods
on the net, on our own
whenever we say our words
wishing they would be heard

we saw you smiling at us three
talking about final fantasy
so click the play button in the corner
of this tiny little bar

It is a glorious day, a day of celebration, of reflection, of escape. The Mappers sit together, Final Fantasy VIII behind them, fading away, knowing that they are free. They had been on a journey together, a journey through time and love and a needlessly labyrinthine battle system.  And now, here on the other side, they know that they’ve forged in fire a part of themselves that they shall never lose.

But that is not all that today is. Today shall go down in history, remembered by all for at least the next week and a half. For today is… The Day The Batman Died.

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July’s Game Club: Her Story

Games Discussed: Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Metal Gear Solid 2 HD, NiER, Neko Atsume, Tamagotchi, Final Fantasy VIII, Austin’s Article on FF8 fan theories, Final Fantasy VII Remake, Persona 4 and 3, Batman: Arkham Knight

Music This Episode
Blown Away by Kevin MacLeod
Fisherman’s Horizon by Nobuo Uematsu
The Oath by  Nobuo Uematsu
Maybe I’m a Lion by  Nobuo Uematsu
Eyes on Me by  Nobuo Uematsu
Batman Theme by Neal Hefti