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Abnormal Mapping 46: The Perfect John Cena Anime

Cena Boss

War has changed. In the penultimate podcast, Jackson reaches the ultimate, final ending of the Metal Gear franchise, just over half-way through the number of Metal Gear games. Don’t worry if you don’t understand, we’re here to guide you through on this Nanomachine Odyssey!

My guest for this episode is Austin Howe, Freelancer around the internet and found often on Critical Switch. They’re also on twitter!

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Things Discussed: Metals Gear 1-4, Peace Walker, Rising, John Cena’s Favourite Anime, Final Fantasy VIII

Music This Episode
Love Theme by Nobuko Toda & Jackie Presti
Father and Son by Harry Gregson-Williams
Metal Gear Saga by Harry Gregson-Williams

Abnormal Mapping 44: The Mr Show of Videogames


Emerging from the wreckage of the Big Shell, Jackson travels through time to meet Cameron Kunzelman in the depths of the russian jungle, on a secret mission to stop a tank which can go really fast. In this third entry into the Metal Gear podcasts, Cameron and Jackson drill into the big questions: who does Snake kiss? Is it possible to make an anti-war War Game? And is Metal Gear even that ridiculous at all?

This is a fantastic episode and I hope you can take the time to give it a listen! Big, big thanks to Cameron for stopping by, you can find their writing at This Cage Is Worms, Paste and Twitter, their games here or on Steam, and a variety of Youtube fun stuff, well, on Youtube.

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Things discussed: Metals Gear 1-5, Shigeru Miyamoto, Final Fantasy VII, Leigh Alexander on MGSV

Music This Episode
Snake Eater by Norihiko Hibino & Cynthia Harrell
Fanfare (FFVII) by Nobuo Uematsu
Way To Fall by Starsailor

Abnormal Mapping 39 – You Cannot Comprehend the Nature of [BLEEP]’s Attack

earthbound header

It’s the end of the year, and the Mappers have arrived a little late and a little weary to talk about the year that is now past and the year that lies ahead. 2015 was a mess of a year, like years often are, and in grand tradition we echew game of the year lists to bring you some memories, some japes, and some feelings. What lies ahead for the podcast? Within are the answers. Then, we turn to the games of yesteryear, for a deep conversation about one of the most highly regarded RPGs of all time, GameFAQs and’s own … EarthBound.

A big thank you to friend of the show Tracie Mauk for providing the voice of the photographer in this episode.

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This Month’s Game ClubEarthBound

Next Month’s Game Club: Expand

Things discussed: 2015 SpreadsheetThe Metal Gear Articles, Metals Gear, Zelda, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Final Fantasy VII, Ninja Gaiden Black, Yakuza 3, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, The Crew, Alphabear, Neko Atsume, Binding of Issac: Rebirth, Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate, Bloodborne, Etrian Odyssey, The Walking Dead: Season 2, Crusader Kings 2, EarthBound, the EarthBound guide

Music This Episode
Blown Away by Kevin MacLeod
Photographer’s Theme by Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka
Your Name Please by Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka
The Sky Runner by Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka
Runaway Five Left the Building by Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka
Onett Theme by Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka

Abnormal Mapping 36: The Othered Man in Hat


A dark night in the bright city. Jackson dashes down an alleyway, a shadow looming behind him. He clutches the attache case close to his chest as he squeezes past a dumpster and into a space that would generously be described as snug for even the overfed cats that dine on the garbage nearby. Matthew’s close behind, reaching into the tiny space up to their elbow to reach after Jackson, unable to go any further. Growling, they climb up the dumpster, leaping onto the lowest rungs of the fire escape as they use the window to get into the hallway of the building Jackson is squeezing past. As they leap down the steps two at a time, they don’t see the slender cane extend between the bars of the railing until it’s too late, and their’s sprawled out on the cold tile floor of the foyer of the building.

Destiny emerges from behind the stairs, nudging Matthew’s arm aside with her cane as she steps outside, just to see Jackson emerge from the alleyway and stop to look behind him for pursuit. It’s a distraction he can ill afford. He doesn’t even feel the needle slip under his skin, he just feels himself sag against the wall as Destiny steps up beside him and removes the case from his now flaccid hands. “Thanks,” she says. “It’s game over for you, though.”

She turns to walk away, Jackson gasping trying to yell after her, his knees buckling as he falls back into the alleyway, and both of them disappear back into the bustle of the city.

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This Month’s Game Club: Framed

October’s Game Club: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Games Discussed: The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, Tomorrow Never Dies, Morning Mario Returns!, Civilization V, Three Beers Deep, our conversation with Lana Polansky, Framed, Hideo Kojima’s tweet, Angry Birds, Boom Blox, Doctor Who, Grim Fandango

Music This Episode
Blown Away by Kevin MacLeod
Baba Yetu by Christopher Tin
Framed Soundtrack by Adrian Moore
The Fragrance of Dark Coffee by Noriyuki Iwadare
Kapp’n’s Song by Shohei Tsuchiya

Abnormal Mapping 34: I Don’t Give ADAF

AM 34

A few weeks back, Jackson participated in a panel for the Alternative Digital Arts Festival, run by Zolani Stewart, Austin Howe and Solon Scott. The folks behind ADAF have kindly given us permission to post the panel in our podcast feed for your enjoyment, if you missed it at the time!

It’s a panel on Games & Mental Illnesss, featuring Heather Alexandra, Zeiya Speed and Austin Howe. We discuss representation of Mental Illness, how our own experiences with Mental Illness inform our readings of games, and the responsibilities of portraying Mental Illness narratives for an audience. In addition to the panel, Matthew, Jackson and Destiny got together a few days later to record a short cast with follow up points and extra discussion.

It all comes together to form a really interesting 2 hour package of great discussion about games, Mental Illness, and the intersection of the two. Please enjoy!

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August’s Game Club: Paper Mario

Games Discussed: Final Fantasy VIII, Depression Quest, Actual Sunlight, Metal Gear Solid 2, Metal Gear Solid 4, Hellblade, Kane & Lynch 2, Her Story, Silent Hill, The Static Speaks My Name, Cart Life

Music This Episode
Blown Away by Kevin MacLeod
Theme of Laura by Akira Yamaoka
Eternity by Nobuo Uematsu