Abnormal Mapping 46: The Perfect John Cena Anime

Cena Boss

War has changed. In the penultimate podcast, Jackson reaches the ultimate, final ending of the Metal Gear franchise, just over half-way through the number of Metal Gear games. Don’t worry if you don’t understand, we’re here to guide you through on this Nanomachine Odyssey!

My guest for this episode is Austin Howe, Freelancer around the internet and found often on Critical Switch. They’re also on twitter!

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Things Discussed: Metals Gear 1-4, Peace Walker, Rising, John Cena’s Favourite Anime, Final Fantasy VIII

Music This Episode
Love Theme by Nobuko Toda & Jackie Presti
Father and Son by Harry Gregson-Williams
Metal Gear Saga by Harry Gregson-Williams

The Familiar Case Of Nathan Drake


Here’s how I think it went down.

The straw that broke the camel’s back was when Nate joked he was “addicted to danger,” in reference to this time, trying the extra hot sauce at Chili’s. He cocked his head and laughed a little as he said it, seeking approval from the other party that his wisecrack was successful. None came.

Elena’s mind was still at work. Her EP had called her into that office that was just a little too clean, and oh so politely told her she was this close to getting fired if her segments didn’t start testing better. The guys in the newsroom had never accepted her as their own, they looked at her with disdain hidden behind a more acceptable form of disdain, bitter that she’d navigated her way into their carefully protected den. She had to go to work every day knowing that her bosses and her colleagues were looking for a way to discredit that little girl from that little show, unable to fathom the possibility that she may just be extremely good at her job.

But no, Nate was clearly the one addicted to danger. The man who was willing to throw himself off a cliff every day if it meant he didn’t have to grow up, and most days, actually did.