Abnormal Mapping 8: British Numerical System

Ace pilots Matty “Cupcake” Marko and Jackson “Ginger” Tyler fly through the enormous Library of the Giants, where the giant tombs of Video Game Lore are stacked to the heavens. Whether they have been shrunk or the pillars of writing have grown is beyond the pay grade of these two intrepid wingmen, but as they juke around zines and loop through forests of critical theory they arrive at their destination: Fortress Games Podcasts. Their payloads are ready, a full tactical strike of thermonuclear cast, meant to eradicate the enemy and wrest victory from certain defeat. They squeeze the triggers, and await orders to fire.

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Covered this month:

Our games reading list, which you can find in the header above or just click here!

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation

Next Month’s Game Club Game:

Beyond Good and Evil

Music in this Episode

Blown Away by Kevin McLeod
A Letter to Edge by Chris Remo
Liberation of Gracemeria by Keiki Kobayashi
Remember Me Main Title by Olivier Deriviere
Thexder Main Theme by Kohei Ikeda

Hey! We love mail. Email us at abnormalmappingpodcast@gmail.com! If you want to get at us on twitter, you know how that works. I (Matt) am at @litrock, while Jackson is at @tylea002. See you folks next month!

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