Abnormal Mapping 12: Captain Worf, Steak Afficianado

Matt braves audio failure as Jackson drags him kicking and screaming through another Coolsoge adventure. After many many weeks between them, the Mappers have a pile of games they’ve finished and the dimmest of memories with which to recall them, but they do their best to talk about various driving and skating games, the terror of suplexing scorpions, and some Donkey Kong follow-up beef. Vows are made to cast the Coolsoge more often and they pour one out for the machete man gang, but eventually it all collapses into Star Trek talk, because it always does when Matt and Jackson are talking longer than 15 minutes. Featuring special guest Worf, son of Mogh, it’s the second Coolsoge onslaught!

You can find the Coolsoge Cast in our usual iTunes feed or click HERE to get to the file directly.

Stuff Talked About!

Trashpect Ratio, Jackson and Matt’s new movie podcast
The Abnormal Mappers on The Badland Girls
Matt’s Blackwell Let’s Plays
Jackson’s article about Uncharted
Jackson’s other article about the Burnout series

Games Covered (some spoilers, fair warning!)

Resident Evil 4
The Blackwell Series
Uncharted 3
Deadly Creatures
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater (all of them)
Thrasher: Skate and Destroy
Papo y Yo
Burnout 3 & Revenge
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Fire Emblem: Awakening
Persona 4 Golden (and Persona 5)
Mass Effect
Star Trek Online
Rogue Legacy
Nintendo 3DS Guide: Louvre
bit Generations series

Music Used

Show Your Moves by Kevin MacLeod
Skate or Die 2 Main Theme by Rob Hubbard
Star Trek: The Next Generation Theme by Jerry Goldsmith by way of the NES Sound Chip
Busted Bayou by David Wise

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