Abnormal Mapping 20: Scatter My Ashes on the Erstwhile Chair

minecraft chicken

This final Abnormal Mapping of 2014 begins with a bit of introspection, as the Mappers go over the year that is quickly fading behind them, and look forward to the year to come. Then, joined by oft-guesting Destiny, they explore the endless realms of Minecraft, doing their best to stave off the expected and inevitable slide into existential terror as they look to the horizon and ponder just how many blocks one has to dig up to be alive. Join us on this, the Eve of the Year of the PS3, as we head towards the future, hearts heavy but heads held high.

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This Month’s Game Club: Minecraft

Next Month’s Game Cluboffɭine

Music in This Episode
Blown Away by Kevin McLeod
Christmas in Nightopia by Tomoko Sasaki
Stal by C418
Toy Day by Manaka Kataoka & Atsuko Asahi

Next month’s guest, Lana Polansky, can be found at Sufficiently Human, or support her Patreon!

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