The Abnormal Mapping Super Mario Maker Level Select

heelsHey, paisanos! If you’ve not been living under a rock, you know that the most magical of things has happened: Nintendo has released a new video game! This usual cause for celebration is heightened by it being a very unique game indeed. If you didn’t know, Super Mario Maker is a Mario level construction kit, allowing you to use all the disparate pieces of four eras of Mario game to make levels. Both Matthew and Jackson thought this was a pretty great idea, so away they went to see just how good at making stuff they actually were. The results are below, along with some thoughts about their Mario Maker design ideas more generally.


As soon as I saw the Mystery Mushroom, and the wide variety of costumes (amiibo and otherwise), I knew I would probably never do anything but make cool themed levels around those costumes. There are plenty of kaizo Mario levels, intentionally or not, and the more showy designers seem to love autoscrolling levels that seem impossibly convoluted, so instead I asked myself a probably too-obvious question: what would it look like to adapt Mario and these costumes into essentially walking simulator Mario levels that are about mood and story more than actually being good at Mario? We’ll see how well that pans out.


“Slide, DeDeDe, slide!”     C1B4-0000-0019-948E
“The Search for Spell Components!”     FB48-0000-0022-6DA9
“Peach’s Coronation”     2075-0000-002F-F005



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