Abnormal Mapping 38: The Toilets of Scotland

beeswing logo

No jokes today, but our second annual Thanksgiving spectacular as we talk about what we’re thankful for and the stories we tell ourselves both in video games and not. That’s followed up by one of our most intimate game club games yet, and a promise for memories to come with next month’s classic game club to round out the year. Hope everyone had a good holiday, if you’re in the part of the world that celebrates it!

You can get our podcast on iTunes, on Stitcher, or you can download it directly by clicking here.

This Month’s Game Club: Beeswing

Next Month’s Game Club: EarthBound

Things discussed: Fallout, Bloodborne, Monster Factory, Mickey Mouse in the Castle of Illusion, The Sims, Twitch Plays Pokemon, Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival, Mario Lore, Final Fantasy VIII, Assassins’ Creed, Metal Gear Solid 2, Dino Crisis 3, Beeswing, Slacker, Abnormal Mapping continues their efforts to stop the sun, Bend it Like Beckham

Music This Episode
Blown Away by Kevin MacLeod
Beeswing Main Title by Jack King-Spooner*
Beeswing Music Box theme by Jack King-Spooner*
Hell to Up by Silverley Allen
TV Song by Jack King-Spooner*

*names and composer presumed given lack of information

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